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Verdict: Binnu Dhillon shines in this hilarious take on familial complications.

Latest Punjabi film Naukar Vahuti Da has been made in many languages, including Hindi. What makes the Punjabi version stand out is the comic element thrown in an ordinary story of a married couple going through a rough patch in their lives. Here, Binnu Dhillon pairs up with Kulraj Randhawa, who is seen on the big screen after a hiatus. The trailer got a thumbs up from filmy fans and has generated a decent hype before its release. Can this Smeep Kang film be as entertaining as his earlier works? Let’s analyze.

What’s Naukar Vahuti Da About:

Shivinder (Binnu Dhillon) is married to Neetu (Kulraj Randhawa) and they have a daughter. Shivinder is busy making Punjabi song videos and is unable to devote time to his family. Neetu decides to leave Shivinder and go back to her parents. Shivinder, with the help of his friend Bhola (Gurpreet Ghuggi) enters his in-laws’ house disguised as an aged driver named Satnam. Can he win back Neetu’s love and trust and patch things up with his family? Naukar Vahuti Da answers your questions in the most hilarious way.

What Works:

It takes just a few minutes for viewers to enter Shivinder’s world. The problems his family faces, their conversations, the couple’s love-hate relationship, the daughter’s unconditional love for her parents is all immensely likable and very relatable. The high points of the film are the scenes that involve the father craving to meet his daughter after he is separated from his wife.

Besides having heavy doses of laughter, Naukar Vahuti Da goes through a constant undercurrent of emotions, which make it a complete winner. Although the couple is going through a strained marriage, their love and care for each other is intelligently integrated into the script. The scenes involving the parents and their daughter are heartwarming. 

The first hour runs through with a lot happening between the couple. The arguments, separation, longing, and eventual reconciliation scenes are all entertaining and amusing. The second hour is decent as the focus shifts from Shivinder-Neetu to Satnam-Bhua. The movie ends on a high in typical Smeep Kang fashion. 

Binnu Dhillon shines as both Shivinder and Satnam. He is loud and hyperactive as the former and, at the same time, calm and subdued as the latter. He shows different shades of his acting and succeeds with both characters. It’s a treat to watch Kulraj Randhawa after a hiatus. She is wonderful as Neetu and her scenes with her daughter are naturally cute. Here’s hoping that she becomes a regular in Punjabi cinema. Smeep Kang has added another winner in his impressive filmography. His take on the emotional scenes between father and daughter bring out a new side to his directorial personality.

What Could’ve been better:

There’s way too much time spent on establishing the Satnam-Bhua relationship. The comedy seems forced into the screenplay here and a number of scenes involving them do not work as well. Tightening the second half and reducing the overall length of the film would’ve helped. 

Why you should watch:

If you’re looking for some unadulterated comedy this week, watch Naukar Vahuti Da. The film is high on emotions and comedy. With superb performances from the entire cast, expect nothing less than entertainment. 

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